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Information about the EETS area

European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) provides the possibility of paying debts in the areas of electronic toll collection in the European Union using one on-board device, so-called OBU (on board unit), one user account and one contract. The use of the service does not affect the amount of electronic payment charged by the Chief Road Transport Inspector.

As part of the provision of the EETS service, the supplier provides the user with an on-board device for charging, the so-called OBU transferring data necessary to calculate the toll for roadside devices. The charges are settled between the OBU user and the EETS provider as well as between the EETS provider and the General Inspectorate of Road Transport. The provision of services by the EETS provider is possible after signing the contract with General Inspectorate of Road Transport and carrying out the process of allowing the use of the EETS device offered for use in the General Inspectorate of Road Transport toll collection area.

The conditions for the implementation of the EETS service are set out in the Directive of the European Parliament and Council 2004/52 / EC of April 29, 2004 on the interoperability of electronic road toll systems in the Community and the Commission Decision of October 6, 2009 on the definition of a European service of electronic fee and its technical elements (2009/750 / EC).

The provisions of the EETS Decision were implemented into the Polish legal order under the Act of 13 May 2016 amending the Act on Public Roads and the Act on Toll Motorways and on the National Road Fund.

Information on the EETS area and the Technical Annex to Information about the EETS area define the conditions for access to the toll domain for EETS providers.

The EETS provider accreditation procedure starts after sending the application for admission to the National Office of the General Inspectorate of Road Transport Fee Collection System (editable version of the application) along with the required documents.



Address for correspondence:

General Inspectorate of Road Transport

National Toll Collection System Office

Al. Jerozolimskie 94

00-807 Warszawa

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