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Excess weight and pressure was loaded onto the axles

Three trucks transporting too much cargo were sent to the Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Wielkopolska ITD scales. The heaviest of the vehicles which were checked was overloaded by nearly seven tons.

On Wednesday (20th March), inspectors checking trucks on national road "ten" at Trzeciewnica near Nakło nad Notecią stopped two vehicles whose total weight exceeded the 40-tonne limit.

A tractor with a trailer filled with corn weighed 46.6 tonnes. This load exceeded the permissible triple axel limit of the trailer by 1.7 tonnes.

At the same place the inspectors checked another vehicle carrying sand in large bags. Its total weight was 43.9 tonnes. In this case, the single drive axle load of the tractor was 13.2 tonnes and exceeded the permissible limit on a national road (11.5 tons) by 1.7 tons. 

The overloaded truck was also inspected on the same day by a patrol of the Wielkopolska ITD. On national road number 32 at Granów near Grodzisk Wielkopolski it stopped a vehicle transporting hazardous materials. The tractor's single drive axle load was 14.4 tons. 

Administrative proceedings concerning the imposition of large fines are now underway against the hauliers. The drivers of the overloaded trucks could only complete their journeys after unloading the excess goods onto other vehicles.

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