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"Put a gear on health" - a joint action of ITD and GIS

The health condition of professional drivers has a great impact on the safety of all road users. To increase public awareness in this respect, the Chief Road Transport Inspectorate and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, based on the agreement signed today, have started a series of joint controls and educational activities under the slogan “Put a gear on health”.


„ Put a gear on health”

Promoting a healthy lifestyle among drivers, encouraging greater physical activity, changing eating habits, reminding about preventive examinations - these are the objectives of the joint action "Put a gear on health", initiated by the Road Transport Inspection and Sanitary Inspection.
Details of the joint actions were included in the agreement signed today (September 18) by the Chief Road Transport Inspector Alvin Gajadhur and Chief Sanitary Inspector Jarosław Pinkas at the ITD checkpoint in Sękocin near Warsaw.

“It is important that the driver is sober and rested, but the overall state of his health is also extremely important. Unfortunately, unhealthy lifestyle and poor nutrition can cause many diseases. We want to change this, we want to draw the drivers’ attention to this area, increase their awareness”, said Alvin Gajadhur, Chief Road Transport Inspector.

“This action will be a long-term one. We will promote a healthy lifestyle throughout Poland, urge drivers to take care of themselves”, announced Jarosław Pinkas, Chief Sanitary Inspector. “Many of the drivers are people at risk of cardiovascular disease. Precisely because they forget about themselves, about regular chekcs of their health”, emphasized Jarosław Pinkas.

Joint controls

As soon as the agreement was signed, joint audits began. Road Transport inspectors checked the technical condition of vehicles and the working time of drivers. The representatives of the Sanitary Inspection examined, among others lung pressure and function. Drivers tested drug, alcohol and snooze googles, thanks to which they could observe how our body behaves under the influence of stimulants or when we are tired.

The work of a professional driver requires spending many hours in a seated position and maximum concentration on the road situation. “One serious mistake can be risky for somebody’s health or life. That is why it is so important for drivers to be healthy and able to react quickly”, emphasized Alvin Gajadhur, Chief Road Transport Inspector.

Compulsory tests

ITD inspectors note that some drivers do not perform medical and psychological examinations in a timely manner. We remind you that, in accordance with the Road Transport Act, both medical and psychological examinations, aimed at determining health and psychological contraindications for performing work as a driver, should be performed every 5 years until the driver reaches the age of 60, and beyon the age of 60 - every 30 months.

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