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“Put the gear on health” in a sporting version

Urszula Radwańska together with GITD and GIS encourages professional drivers to a healthy lifestyle. Tennis star took part today (December 3) in a briefing on the educational and informational campaign “Put a run on health”. Alvin Gajadhur, Chief Inspector of Road Transport and Jarosław Pinkas, Chief Sanitary Inspector, talked about the impact of the health of drivers on road safety.

Przemawia Urszula Radwańska

She has been running with a tennis racket around the courts since an early age. She has sport in her blood and many successes on her account. This is the result of hard work: training, but also constant monitoring of health, a balanced diet. Polish tennis player, Urszula Radwanska, today argued that not only athletes, but everyone should take care of health and fitness. Today, together with the Road Transport Inspectorate and the Sanitary Inspection, she appealed to professional drivers.

As an athlete, I suggest a healthy lifestyle. This is very important in every respect. Everything is done so that drivers feel good, have good concentration and coordination, so that concentration stays longer on the route, argued Urszula Radwanska.

A professional driver spends many hours on the road. A sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, fatigue, time pressure can lead to cardiovascular disease, overweight or spine problems. Small, everyday choices can protect against these negative consequences. It is worth “putting in a gear for health”, remembering about nutritious meals, activity during rests, regular examinations and regular driving.

Road Transport Inspection takes care of broadly understood safety on Polish roads, we check the technical condition of vehicles, but also check the condition of drivers: if they are rested or sober. Health, fitness, performing necessary medical examinations, these elements affect road safety, allow to minimize the risk of dangerous road incidents, emphasized Alvin Gajadhur, Chief Inspector of Road Transport.

Infographics shared as part of social media campaigns draw drivers’ attention to a balanced diet, encourage eye tests, regular preventive examinations, but also remind that driving on a magnet, without rest, on someone else’s driver cards, with AdBlue emulators, which simulate the proper operation of the exhaust aftertreatment system is also “unhealthy”.

In order to drive safely you need to be well-rested, you need to eat skilfully. The driver must be able to make choices: what to choose to eat at the petrol station or in the inn, what to do during the break. Physical activity is important, you can walk for example in the parking lot. 11 thousand steps a day gives health, said Jarosław Pinkas, Chief Sanitary Inspector.

Briefing ended not only with vehicle inspections. Urszula Radwanska handed the mascot of the Road Transport Inspection, crocodile Tirek, to drivers who successfully passed the checks.
The educational and informational campaign “Put the gear on health”, promoting a healthy lifestyle and physical activity among professional drivers, changing eating habits, compliance with working time standards and warning against the dangers of using psychoactive substances, will continue.

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