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The ongoing talks on cooperation between ITD and the Republic of Moldova

Improving road safety, working conditions and ensuring fair competition in road transport - these are the objectives of possible cooperation between the Polish Road Transport Inspection and the National Road Transport Agency of the Republic of Moldova. Today, the first online meeting took place, during which possible forms of cooperation were discussed.

[Translate to English:] Wideokonferencja z udziałem przedstawicieli Mołdawii

I believe that Poland should be perceived as an important partner for cooperation, especially in the context of the European aspirations of the Republic of Moldova, which is the main premise for active political dialogue and more frequent exchanges and visits, said Joanna Smolińska, Deputy Chief Inspector of Road Transport, at the beginning of the videoconference organized with the participation of representatives of the National Road Transport Agency of the Republic of Moldova.

It was the first meeting devoted to possible cooperation between the Polish Road Transport Inspection and the Moldovan National Road Transport Agency. The main focus was on the possibilities of this cooperation. Moldovan road transport experts were informed, inter alia, about EU instruments implemented under the pre-accession strategy (twinning projects), but also about the ITD's experience, human resources and training potential. Director of the Cabinet of the Chief Inspector, Urszula Nowinowska, said, inter alia about many forms of experience and information exchange, which is possible thanks to membership in Euro Contrôle Route - an international organization associating road transport control services of European countries.

ECR's activities are focused around five pillars. These are coordinated control weeks, the exchange of information and data in the field of road transport law enforcement, education and training, harmonization of regulations, common points of view, needs and influencing decision-making processes, reported Urszula Nowinowska.

The Director of the Cabinet of the Chief Inspector also summed up the work completed in July this year. Polish Presidency of the ECR. She also discussed the ongoing process of transforming this organization into a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation.

The transformation means more opportunities for the member states to shape road law, strengthen fair competition and the possibility of increasing the number of countries in the EGTC structures, explained Urszula Nowinowska.

During the meeting, the director of the Inspection Supervision Office, Michał Rzemieniewski, spoke about the most important aspects of the history of ITD development and the manipulation of recording devices on the example of the control experiences of Polish inspectors.

I would like to emphasize that this meeting is important to me from the point of view of establishing and continuing joint activities in the field of road transport. I will promote and support initiatives that will allow us to act in a coordinated manner at the international level, to ensure safety in traffic and road transport, added Joanna Smolińska.

The Road Transport Inspection plans to hold talks with the services of other countries responsible for the area of road transport safety in the near future.

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