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Heads of Lithuanian inspection services visiting GITD

The heads of Lithuanian transport control services talked today (on March 3) with representatives of the Polish Road Transport Inspection about the structure, operation and plans of the Road Transport Inspection, but also about the benefits of membership in the Euro Contrôle Route, the international organization in which Poland holds the presidency.

The visit of Genius Lukošius, director of the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration and his deputy Tomas Kolenda in Poland at the headquarters of the General Road Transport Inspectorate was an opportunity to exchange information on control procedures, but also to become familiar with the structure of the Polish ITD.

“The history of the Road Transport Inspection in Poland dates back to 2001. Then the Act on road transport entered into force, under which a specialized control service was established, which is to ensure fair competition in road transport, improve road safety and protect the environment,” said Michał Rzemieniewski, director of the Inspection Supervision Office at GITD. Not only the history and the process of shaping the Inspection were presented, but above all the current structure and plans for the future, including those regarding the purchase of modern equipment. Attention was paid to educational and information activities carried out by the Inspection and ITD inspectors training system.

“ITD currently detects around 80% of violations. This is a very high percentage. Such good effects are achieved precisely thanks to the high level of education. We are a specialized service that is able to ensure fair competition in road transport,” said Łukasz Bryła, deputy of the Chief Inspector of Road Transport.

Poland is also a member of the Euro Contrôle Route - a European organization - which currently consists of 16 countries: 14 members and 2 with observer status. ECR brings together the road transport control services of European countries that cooperate to improve road safety, fair competition and working conditions in road transport. From 1 July last year, GITD holds the presidency in this organization. One of the most important tasks that the Polish Presidency is currently carrying out is coordinating the transformation of the Euro Contrôle Route into a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC). After the transformation, the headquarters of the organization will be moved from Brussels to Hague. This is not the only change. Urszula Nowinowska, director of the GITD Chief Inspector's Office, who also serves as the President of the ECR, talked about the advantages of EGTC membership.

“Countries which already are or will be members of the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation will gain greater opportunities to influence the shape of EU law in the field of heavy transport. This is also important from the point of view of the interests of individual countries. The EGTC will be an apolitical and independent financial organization,” said Urszula Nowinowska.

The option of joining an EGTC will be given to countries that have services that control heavy transport and border with at least one EU Member State. Now, only countries where road inspections operate can benefit from this privilege.

The heads of Lithuanian control services assured that they would consider joining the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation. For Genius Lukošius it was another visit to Poland. As he said, over the years the Road Transport Inspectorate has changed significantly.

“Poland has done a lot in recent years. I remember my visit from years ago and I have a comparison,” summarized Genius Lukošius, director of the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration.

During the meeting, information on the organization of the road toll collection process and plans related to the construction of the New National Toll Collection System was also presented. A representative of the GITD Centre for Automatic Road Traffic Supervision also talked about expansion plans and the impact on road safety of a speed camera system.


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