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Social Consultative Council meeting before Christmas

The 21st meeting of the Social Consultative Council at the Chief Road Transport Inspector, attended by representatives of carriers’ associations and invited guests from the Ministry of Infrastructure, Consul General of the Republic of Poland in London, representatives of the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Warsaw, Border Guard and the National Revenue Administration was held on December 16, 2020.

[Translate to English:] Główny Inspektor Alvin Gajadhur i p.o. Zastępca Głównego Inspektora Joanna Smolińska podczas posiedzenia Społecznej Rady Konsultacyjnej

Meetings prepared as part of the Social Consultative Council are organized periodically, due to the problems important to the industry, which we discuss with a wide group of experts. They are very popular among carriers - said Alvin Gajadhur, Chief Inspector of Road Transport during meeting opening.

Cyclical meetings organized within the framework of the Social Consultative Council are aimed at building a dialogue and working out common stance on issues important from the point of view of the State’s interests, as well as the functioning of the transport industry.

Ms Joanna Smolińska, acting Deputy Chief Inspector of Road Transport, informed about the announcement of a tender procedure planned for this month for the construction and implementation of a new IT system dedicated to handling processes related to the issuance of authorizations in transport carried out by the International Transport Office of GITD.

Polish permits for 2021 have been collected from production line and are issued to embassies on an ongoing basis. After determining the conditions for issuing permits by the Social Commission for 2021, we will immediately begin the process of issuing them - said Ms Joanna Smolińska.

The topics of building and implementing a new toll collection system by KAS, the mobility package and the Pressure Act were also discussed during the meeting.

In the context of the impact of Brexit on the transport industry, Deputy Chief Inspector, Joanna Smolińska, informed about the draft emergency regulation published by the European Commission on 10 December 2020 in the event of a failure to conclude a trade agreement between the European Union and Great Britain. The proposed regulation regulates the principles of road transport of passengers and goods by British carriers to the territory of the EU since 1 January 2021, ensuring the continuity of basic road connections for the transport of goods for a maximum period of up to six months. The European Commission is to supervise the introduction by the United Kingdom of equivalent laws towards EU carriers.

Mr. Marcin Rzeszewicz, Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation at the Ministry of Infrastructure, also referred to the subject, pointing to important issues related to changes at the borders. He encouraged the meeting participants to follow the negotiation process for the signing of the agreement at the EU level.

As Urszula Nowinowska, Director of the Chief Inspector's Office, emphasized, the main topic of the meeting was the situation of Polish carriers in connection with Brexit and the end of the transition period of Great Britain leaving the EU. Director Nowinowska assured of further support for Polish carriers in the international arena.

A presentation in this regard was given by Mr. Stephen Steele, 1st Secretary, Head of the Economic Department of the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Warsaw. During his speech, he indicated guidelines for transport companies that define the requirements that carriers will have to meet from January 1, 2021 in order to carry out transport between the EU and Great Britain. Detailed information in this regard can be found at the following address:

It should be emphasized that negotiations regarding the future relationship between the EU and Great Britain and the conclusion or not of a trade agreement are still ongoing.

Ms Małgorzata Wojtal-Białaszewska, director of the Bureau for International Transport, discussed the issues raised by the social side regarding Belarusian permits and their distribution. Moreover, she presented information on the activities of the International Transport Office.

The meeting ended with a lively discussion.

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