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ITD representatives’ meeting with carriers as part of the Social Consultative Council

Support for the transport industry in the fight against coronavirus, the initiative of the Territorial Defence Forces and changes to the National Toll Collection System were the leading topics of the 19th Social Consultative Council session operating by the Chief Road Transport Inspector. Due to the still-existing threat of Covid-19, the meeting was held via the Internet.

Dozens of carriers and representatives of the transport industry participated today (June 30) in the 19th Social Consultative Council. Periodic meetings of the Chief Road Transport Inspector ensure information exchange and support for the transport industry. One of the main topics was the actions taken in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

We have been in constant contact with carriers since the outbreak of the pandemic. We try to keep the transport industry informed about the current situation, including the situation abroad, and to support those who ensure the maintenance of goods deliveries to the country - said Alvin Gajadhur, Chief Road Transport Inspector.

General Wiesław Kukuła, commander of the Territorial Defence Forces, present at the meeting, presented the framework of the support program for employees of the transport industry in the fight against coronavirus.

We want to extend an aid program to employees of the transport industry, under which we will conduct research on people employed in transport companies. We also want to conduct training and offer advice in this area - General Kukuła informed.

Changes to the National Toll Collection System will come into force on July 1. The National Revenue Administration will be responsible for the maintenance and development of the toll collection system. The representatives of the Ministry of Finance present at the meeting informed the transport industry about the assumptions of the new system, as well as the planned schedule of changes.

The most important information for drivers is that nothing will change in terms of technology, but also in the amount of fees since tomorrow - reported Magdalena Rzeczkowska, secretary of state in the Ministry of Finance, Head of the National Tax Administration.

The last part of the meeting was filled with discussion on the current transport situation.

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