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Transport safety talks with Ukrainian and Turkish services

The cooperation in road transport control was discussed with representatives of Ukraine and Turkey on Wednesday (December 2) in the General Road Transport Inspectorate.

[Translate to English:] Na zdjęciu Zastępca Głównego Inspektora Transportu Drogowego Joanna Smolińska i Dyrektor Gabinetu Głównego Inspektora Urszula Nowinowska

Joanna Smolińska, acting Deputy Chief Road Transport Inspector, Urszula Nowinowska, Director of the Chief Inspector's Office, Małgorzata Wojtal-Białaszewska, Director of the International Transport Office, Krzysztof Nowak, Head of the Provincial Road Transport Inspectorate in Bydgoszcz and Piotr Masajło, Minister's Counselor at the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Infrastructure participated, on the Polish side, in the videoconference with the management of the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety. This is the second online meeting of Polish and Ukrainian services this year.

The Ukrainian side declared readiness to cooperate and to develop bilateral relations in the field of exchange of experiences between the services.

In the context of Ukraine’s aspirations to join the structures of the European Union, I would like to emphasize that the Chief Inspectorate of Road Transport expresses its readiness and willingness to support in the field of road transport in the scope that will be necessary for you - indicated Minister Joanna Smolińska.

The potential of the EGTC ECR and the benefits of cooperation in EU projects were also discussed.

Director Urszula Nowinowska presented the details of the application process and the principles of functioning of twinning projects. The Ukrainian side also had the opportunity to learn about the experiences of the Road Transport Inspection under EU projects, including those in the interest of Croatia and Turkey.

A meeting with representatives of the Road Transport Inspection and the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure was devoted to bilateral relations in the field of road transport, both in the context of EU projects and further cooperation within the framework of the international organization Euro Contrôle Route European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation. The possibility of cooperation to improve road safety and ways of harmonizing inspection practices attracted the greatest interest of Turkish experts. A specialized team of inspectors from Poland, as stressed by the Turkish side, is an important factor encouraging to establish and continue cooperation.

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