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"Safer together" - another edition of the ITD and RDC campaign

Five lorries carrying animals were checked by patrols of the Mazovian Road Transport Inspection on the national road no. 2. During a few-hour "Safer together" campaign, three faulty vehicles and a driver who violated the working time norms were detained.

This time, inspectors from Siedlce met with RDC journalists at one of the checkpoints at the national road no. 2 near Kałuszyn. They stopped lorries transporting live animals to control. They checked, among others, the conditions in which poultry, cattle and pigs were transported as well as the technical condition of vehicles. In addition, they verified the required documents, sobriety and working time of drivers.

The effects of the campaign were 3 seized registration documents of inspected vehicles. In one case, the inspectors had objections about the state of the tires, in the other two ones they detected fluid leaks and a lighting defect. Because of animal welfare, drivers could complete their transports. Inspectors thus proved that in the case of animals’ transport, the welfare of the living creatures is of a superior value.

More serious consequences for the driver and the carrier had the control of the car transporting poultry. During the analysis of data from the tachograph, the ITD patrol crew revealed several violations of working time norms. The driver operated the recording equipment incorrectly and shortened the rest. The violations resulted in the punishment of the driver of the penalty ticket and the initiation of administrative proceedings against the entrepreneur. Transport of poultry has already been carried out by another driver, who was provided by the carrier. 

Another edition of the joint RDC and ITD campaign under the slogan "Safer Together" in Mazovia district is expected next week! This time ITD inspectors will control lorries carrying dangerous goods.

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