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Polish-Albanian talks for safety in road transport

The previous experience in the field of twinning projects and the perspective of cooperation within the international organization Euro Contrôle Route – these were the topic a video conference with the participation of representatives of the Road Transport Inspection and The General Directorate of Road Transport Services from Albania was devoted to.

[Translate to English:] Spotkanie online przedstawicieli ITD i Albanii.

An online meeting with road transport experts from the Western Balkans took place on Friday (November 27). The videoconference was started by Joanna Smolińska, acting Deputy Chief Inspector of Road Transport.

This meeting is very important to me due to the development and expansion of joint activities in the field of road transport. It is important that we take initiatives to improve the work of inspectors at the international level in order to ensure safety in traffic and road transport - said Joanna Smolińska.

During the meeting, Urszula Nowinowska, the Director of the Chief Inspector's Cabinet, spoke about the current and further Polish-Albanian cooperation, not only in the field of twinning projects. During the prepared multimedia presentation, she talked about the exchange of experiences of Polish inspectors with representatives of road transport control services of European countries that are associated in the Euro Contrôle Route organization. The possibility of Albania joining the EGTC ECR was also discussed.

Coordinated inspection weeks take place regularly under the ECR. Such international activities pay off in the exchange of knowledge and experience. They also serve to harmonize and unify the regulations governing the road transport market - said Urszula Nowinowska.

Krzysztof Nowak, the Head of the Inspection Department at the Provincial Road Transport Inspectorate in Bydgoszcz, spoke about the beginnings of ITD, the first inspections on Polish roads and the experience gained over the years. He discussed the most modern control equipment at ITD’s disposal, as well as the control activities of the inspections based on the developed statistics.

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