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A4 motorway in Opole region under ITD control

42 vehicles inspected, 21 retained registration documents, 6 prohibitions on further driving. Opole inspectors of the Road Transport Inspection have been intensifying inspections on the A4 motorway. The most modern equipment was used in this operation - a mobile diagnostic station and special control sets that facilitate the detection of irregularities in vehicles and tachographs.

Technical condition, working time and environmental protection

238 km of the A4 motorway and a special control point of the Road Transport Inspectorate. From the early morning hours, on Wednesday, 29th May Opole inspectors conducted inspections here using the most modern mobile diagnostic station in the country. Equipped with modern measuring equipment, it allows you to check the braking and steering system thoroughly, and thanks to the so-called hydraulic jets the state of suspension of the car can be verified. The station is also equipped with an opacimeter and an exhaust gas analyser, thanks to which vehicles polluting the environment are eliminated from traffic. Inspectors are assisted by special control sets while detecting unauthorized devices interfering with the operation of tachograph and Adblue emulators in vehicles. The scope of control is wide - from the technical condition, through the working time of drivers, to the assessment of the quality of exhaust gases. Effects? Inspectors checked 42 vehicles – in 21 cases it was necessary to retain registration documents, 28 penal sanctions were imposed, 9 administrative proceedings were instituted, in 4 cases the use of Adblue emulators was revealed, and one of the drivers was using a magnet. Activities will be carried out until late afternoon hours.

Modern equipment in ITD

Not only inspectors from Opole have been equipped with special inspection sets. 64 sets were given by the General Inspectorate of Road Transport to all Provincial Road Transport Inspectorates. In addition to the sets the General Inspectorate of Road Transport is planning to purchase also 16 mobile diagnostic stations and 64 van vehicles along with specialized equipment as part of the project "Strengthening the Potential of Road Transport Inspection". The functionality of the equipment allows for detailed and effective inspections, and modern equipment supports inspectors in the fight against inefficient, dangerous and environmentally polluting vehicles.

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