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International controls on Polish roads

32 vehicles inspected, 17 detected violations - this is the effect of a two-day, practical training with the participation of the Polish Road Transport Inspectorate, the German BAG and the Czech Služeb Pro Silniční Doprav Center.

Two-day inspections carried out on 15 and 16 May at service points in Czerlejno and Siekierki on the S5 expressway, gave the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge of the Polish, German and Czech services. As part of the training, inspectors focused on detecting manipulations in tachographs and flue gas cleaning systems. Joint controls brought significant results. ITD inspectors and their colleagues from BAG and Centrum Služeb Pro Silniční Dopravu checked 32 vehicles within two days on the expressway. In 17 of them they detected violations.

In one of the lorries a device interfering with the tachograph was installed, so the driver of the vehicle wanted to evade the working time norms illegally. There were more detected attempts of tachographs’ manipulations. The international control team revealed also exceeding the norms of driving and rests times, using someone else's driver card, removing the card, violation of the obligation to retrieve data on time. Tachographs in some vehicles have not been inspected beforehand. The lorry polluting the environment was also inspected - it had a defective SCR exhaust gas cleaning system. Some vehicles had serious technical defects; inspectors also noted a violation of the transport of animals that were transported in an uncleaned vehicle. The transport of perishable goods was also inspected, which - as it turned out - was performed contrary to the ATP agreement. For the detected violations, the drivers received tickets as well as administrative proceedings were instituted against the entrepreneurs.

The two-day audits were part of the international exchange conducted under the Euro Contrôle Route (ECR). Inspectors from Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland met this time in Poznan at a training organized by the General Inspectorate of Road Transport. International workshops lasted from Monday to Friday, including both theory and practice. Such exchanges are important for improving traffic safety and road transport. Thanks to joint actions, inspectors can develop effective, uniform procedures, and thus increase the effectiveness of conducted controls. Such activities are carried out regularly as part of the ECR, to which Poland belongs since 2004. On July 1 this year, Poland will take over the annual presidency of Euro Contrôle Route.

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