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Road safety lesson for students of Polish schools abroad with the First Lady

How to take care of your own road safety, what situations to avoid, how the behaviour of all road users affects road safety – that is what students of Polish schools from Norway, Bulgaria and Belgium talked about today during online classes organized by the Road Transport Inspection. The lesson, which took place during the ongoing UN World Road Safety Week, was attended by the wife of the President of the Republic of Poland and by the Chief Road Transport Inspector.

[Translate to English:] W lekcji online o bezpieczeństwie ruchu drogowego uczestniczyli Małżonka Prezydenta RP Agata Kornhauser-Duda oraz Główny Inspektor Transportu Drogowego Alvin Gajadhur.

From 17 to 23 May, we celebrate the United Nations World Road Safety Week. Its purpose is to draw attention to road traffic hazards. And it is precisely what the First Lady and the Chief Inspector of Road Transport talked about with Polish students from Norway, Bulgaria and Belgium i.e. how to avoid dangerous situations but above all what rules should be followed while being a road user.

The Road Transport Inspection has been teaching road safety for a long time. Why are they so important? We are all road users - both children and adults - whether on foot, by car, or by other means of transport. We all need to know the rules of the road so that we can always safely get to school, work or home. I am convinced that you know most of the rules very well but it is worth remembering and recording them. I wish you that this lesson will be, on the one hand, learning, and on the other hand, also having fun - emphasized Agata Kornhauser-Duda at the beginning of the lesson.

During the interactive online educational classes, the following topics were discussed: the rules for pedestrians, travel safety, knowledge of road signs, and the need for cyclists to use reflective elements or helmets. The lecturers also noted risky behaviors, such as playing near the road or using telephones at pedestrian crossings.

We need to know the rules and regulations that apply in road traffic. This is one of the elements that affects our safety, regardless of whether we are drivers, pedestrians or cyclists. The safety of all road users depends on how we behave on the road. I am glad that today, together with the First Lady, we can also introduce children from Polish schools abroad to the knowledge about the most important rules of road safety - said Alvin Gajadhur, Chief Road Transport Inspector.

The students got acquainted with the rules of road safety, following, inter alia, the adventures of the heroes of animated films, including the ITD mascot, crocodile Tirek. The youngest ones answered questions, solved riddles and quizzes.

Road safety lessons, as part of the educational project “Crocodile Tirek’s Safe School”, have been conducted online since December last year. Over 10,000 students have already participated in them. On May 6, on the European Road Safety Day, students from Polish schools from France, Latvia and Ukraine also participated in a virtual educational meeting.

This is yet another ITD road safety lesson co-taught by the First Lady. The spouse of the President of the Republic of Poland also took the Honorary Patronage of a competition for children and youth for the best short story or fairy tale about road safety.

More information about the ITD competition:

First Lady photos - source: KPRP. The author of the photos: Grzegorz Jakubowski.

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