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ITD safety classes in Kruszewo with the Speaker of the Senate

The knowledge of safety rules is very crucial. It's important to get this basic knowledge as soon as possible. On Monday, June 10, children from a primary school in Kruszewo took part in a unique lesson. Stanisław Karczewski, the Speaker of the Senate and Alvin Gajadhur, Chief Inspector of Road Transport, told the students how to behave and obey safety Road rules.

Safety classes organized by the Road Transport Inspection for about 50 students from Pope John Paul II Primary School in Kruszewo began at 12.30 pm. The ITD classes are becoming increasingly popular form of education at schools, appreciated not only by students, teachers, or the management of institutions. The lesson in Kruszewo was led by the Speaker of the Senate, Stanisław Karczewski and Chief Inspector of Road Transport, Alvin Gajadhur, who paid a lot of attention to the safety of the youngest ones during the upcoming holidays.

Vacation is a special time, a time of rest from learning. It is important that it is a safe rest, so that each holiday will end happily, said Mr Karczewski. Parents should remember to fasten seatbelts and about child safety car seats, if necessary. Children should choose places where they want to play while being on holiday carefully, for example if they wish to play football, it shouldn’t be done near the road, warned Stanisław Karczewski.

Road Transport Inspection will ensure the safety of the youngest ones during the upcoming holidays, as it does every year. Inspectors will conduct inspections of coaches, which the children ride to places of holiday rest. Inspectors will also continue educational meetings with the youngest participants of the road traffic, added Alvin Gajadhur, Chief Inspector of Road Transport.

Classes with the Road Transport Inspection are organized in such a way that the students focus their attention on the rules of the road safety and at the same time have a good time. Important information about safety is provided not only by the trainer, but also the heroes of animated films. There are riddles and poems during the lesson, as well as a walk around the safety town, which gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the basic road signs. The lessons were also attended by Crocodile Tirek. At the end of the class children received gifts in the form of educational sets.

It was another educational meeting which together with the Road Transport Inspectorate was led by the Speaker of the Senate, Stanisław Karczewski. Earlier classes were held at schools in Przysucha, Wyśmierzyce and Kozienice.

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