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Key document for the Polish Presidency in the ECR signed!

The cooperation of the Ministry of Infrastructure with the General Road Transport Inspectorate resulted in the President of the Council of Ministers signing a resolution on the accession of the Republic of Poland to the organization of the Euro Contrôle Route of the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation with Limited Liability, based in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Success at the national level opened the door to applying for the status of the founding state of the new organization.


The Euro Contrôle Route organization brings together the European audit services of its associated countries, seeking to ensure safety and fair competition in road traffic and transport. The Republic of Poland, which currently chairs the ECR organization, aspires to become one of the founding members of the new Grouping and will be represented in it by the Chief Inspector of Road Transport. The transformation of the ECR organization into an ECR EGTC aims to, among others increasing its capacity to act. It will add value to control services because, in addition to sharing knowledge and best experiences, Member States will gain a real opportunity to influence EU legislation and harmonize control practices.

Poland's accession to the ECR EGTC will create an opportunity for development above all for road transport inspectors, who thanks to the new formula of the organization will gain wider access to practical control techniques also used outside the European Union,” said the President of Euro Contrôle Route, Urszula Nowinowska.

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