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ITD inspectors at international training in the Netherlands

How to more effectively control vehicles on the road when we are increasingly dealing with international transport? Representatives of control services from eight countries, including Poland, met in Dutch Leiden for an international training. The workshop took place as part of the Euro Contrôle Route, in which Poland holds the presidency.

Euro Contrôle Route (ECR) is an international organization associating the road transport control services of European countries. Under the auspices of this organization inspectors from the Greater Poland Voivodship Road Transport Inspectorate participated in the international city of Leiden in the international exchange from 3 to 8 November. Representatives from eight countries: the Netherlands, France, Norway, Hungary, Germany, Ireland, Romania and Poland took part in it.

During the meeting, topics related to each aspect of road transport control were raised, starting from the technical condition of vehicles, including the use of diagnostic stations, through the control of transport of goods, transport of people, which was discussed during the inspection of buses and taxis at Amsterdam Schiphol airport, to the control of transport dangerous goods ADR and tamper detection in recording equipment fitted to vehicles.

The training was an opportunity to exchange knowledge and information. The organization of international exchanges allows for streamlining control in individual countries, as well as taking steps to harmonize control procedures in Europe.

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