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Online education about safety

The Road Transport Inspection has joined the # learnathome campaign and, together with the Ministry of Infrastructure, encourages online education of the youngest. Chief Road Transport Inspector, Alvin Gajadhur and Vice President of the Office of Rail Transport, Radosław Pacewicz talked about virtual educational projects at a briefing organized at the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The Road Transport Inspectorate has been implementing the “Crocodile Tirek’s Safety School” educational project for years. Due to the situation related to the epidemic threat, the project went online. Animated films, comics, games, crosswords and rebuses on road safety can be found on the website in the specially prepared Education tab.

“We want to educate the youngest, we want them to continue to learn the rules of road safety, which is why the formula of the project has changed. We adapted it to current needs. We encourage the youngest, parents, teachers to visit the crocodile Tirec’s virtual school and learn through play,” said Chief Inspector of Road Transport, Alvin Gajadhur, during the briefing.

The vice president of the Office of Rail Transport also encouraged to learn online. The organisation is implementing the ABC Railway project.

“We want to be with our children all the time, which is why we decided to go online with our campaign. Since yesterday there is an application available on the  website that educators use to conduct classes with children on a daily basis,” said Vice President of the Office of Rail Transport Radosław Pacewicz.

The ITD head also emphasised during the briefing that the Inspection has been carrying out activities for many weeks to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“ITD inspectors are present at the borders, we support other services in activities, including Border Guard, we are on traffic duty, help drivers, inform, give advice. I would like to thank all the inspectors who have been active at the borders from the first days of the epidemy 24 hours a day helping other services,” noted Alvin Gajadhur.

Actions to prevent the spread of coronavirus are a priority for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Road Transport Inspectorate.

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