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A truck with defects and without a technical certificate

A faulty truck without a current technical certificate was inspected by a Mazovian Road Transport Inspection patrol on one of the streets of Radom.

The vehicle carrying sand was stopped on Tuesday (12th March) on Wierzbicka Street and directed to a nearby checkpoint in order to assess its weight and technical condition. The amount of cargo did not give rise to any reservations with the inspectors, but the technical condition of the vehicle turned out to be very different from the required standards.

The lorry was driving on the roads despite the fact that it did not have a current technical test certificate. The previous one expired on 22 February 2019.

During the inspection of the technical condition of the vehicle, the ITD patrol crew found, among other issues, leaks in the operating fluids, leaks in the pneumatic (brake) system, excessive wear to the tyre treads on the second axle and different tyre patterns on the same axle. In addition, the truck’s brake lights did not work and the other rear lights were damaged.

The inspection ended with the vehicle’s registration certificate being retained. The owner of the lorry is liable to a 2 000 zloty fine for allowing a vehicle on the road without a valid technical certificate.

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