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ITD’s “safe coach” campaign with the Polish Radio

The Road Transport Inspection conducts country-wide inspections of tour buses. Today, at the checkpoint near Gliwice, the inspectors were accompanied by the Polish Radio for Drivers and Program 1. There was a mobile diagnostic station, an education zone for the youngest ones, conversations with drivers, and an appeal to ensure safety during summer trips made by the Minister of Infrastructure, Andrzej Adamczyk, and the Chief Road Transport Inspector, Alvin Gajadhur.

[Translate to English:] Od lewej stoją: dziennikarz Polskiego Radia Kierowców, Minister Infrastruktury Andrzej Adamczyk i Główny Inspektor Transportu Drogowego Alvin Gajadhur.

Coach inspections were carried out at the ITD checkpoint in Żernica by the A4 motorway with the use of a mobile diagnostic station, which allows for a detailed verification of the technical condition of vehicles under road conditions.

In the morning we checked 9 coaches. Only in two cases we found irregularities in the technical condition of the vehicles. However, these defects did not disqualify coaches from further driving. The drivers could continue their journey, but received referrals for technical examinations. They will have to repair the vehicles to recover the registration certificates retained by the inspectors - summed up Anna Sokołowska-Olesik, Silesian Provincial Road Transport Inspector.

Administrative proceedings will be initiated against two carriers due to the lack of valid legalization of the tachograph and the lack of a valid license excerpt.

During the inspections carried out by inspectors, not only the technical condition of the vehicles is checked, but also the condition of the drivers - their sobriety, whether they are well rested or comply with the working time standards. These aspects have a direct impact on ensuring safety. All drivers checked at the point near Gliwice were sober. Inspectors have not found any cases of driving under the influence of alcohol since the beginning of this year's summer vacation - assessed Alvin Gajadhur, Chief Road Transport Inspector.

During the first two weeks of vacation, ITD inspectors inspected 430 cruise buses. They found technical faults in 21 vehicles, which were the reason for the retention of registration documents. In 8 coaches, they were so serious that they threatened the safety of transported passengers and other road users. In these cases, ITD officers issued a ban on drivers from further driving from the inspection site.

Entrepreneurs and drivers should remember that coaches must be efficient, drivers refreshed, up to working hours and sober. Not everyone remembers it though and unfortunately it turns out that approx. 5% of coaches do not meet the technical conditions required on the road. This has to change - emphasized the Minister of Infrastructure, Andrzej Adamczyk, who was observing the inspections. - Activities carried out by the Road Transport Inspection not only during holiday trips, but throughout the year, are to make drivers and carriers aware that the coach they carry children, seniors and other age groups with, will be examined on the road sooner or later - he added.

The action conducted by the Inspection is to ensure the safety of people traveling by public transport, raise the awareness of drivers and carriers, and consequently reduce the number of dangerous road incidents. Inspectors carry out such inspections not only on the main communication routes, but also at checkpoints specially designated during the holidays. Inspection activities may also be carried out at the request of guardians, parents or teachers - said the Chief Inspectorate, Alvin Gajadhur.

Today, while the coaches were being inspected, children travelling on them could test their knowledge about road safety in the prepared educational zone. The youngest ones received reflective bands and vests from the inspectors. There were also gifts from the Polish Radio - plush storks. The Polish Radio for Drivers, for which the promotion of safe driving principles is one of the main goals, joined the “Safe Coach” campaign.

For the public medium, which is the Polish Radio, spreading the rules of road safety is particularly important, which is why we are so eager to participate in all undertakings that follow this goal. The Polish Radio for Drivers has been accompanying drivers already for 9 months on every day premises not only in the country, but also abroad - said Agnieszka Kamińska, Managing Director of the Polish Radio. - Therefore, we undertake initiatives especially for our listeners, such as coach inspection, to further shape the awareness of drivers about the applicable rules and regulations - she added.

The mascot from the Polish Radio and the mascot of ITD, Crocodile Tirek, were also given to the exemplary bus drivers with whom the Minister of Infrastructure and the Head of ITD talked to right after the inspections were completed.

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