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No permit and an insecure cargo

A driver, detained by ITD inspectors from Wrocław, did not secure his cargo with a tarpaulin, and the driver’s firm did not have an appropriate permit to act as a road transport operator.

On 13th of March 2019 inspectors from the Voivodeship Inspectorate of Road Transport in Wrocław carried out checks in Legnica. The reason for inspecting the four axle truck transporting gravel was that the cargo was insufficiently secure and there was suspicion that it had contaminated a road in the centre of Legnica for several hundred metres the previous day.
After being stopped the driver did not present the necessary transport documentation. As the vehicle appeared to be overloaded, it was weighed at the control point designated for this purpose. The inspectors' supposition was correct. The vehicle weighed 7 tonnes more than its permissible weight of 32 tonnes.

In addition, during the inspection of documents, it turned out that the driver’s firm did not have the appropriate permit necessary to act as a road transport operator. Moreover, inspectors revealed that despite having an obligation to so, the firm had not read the driver’s activity from his card for 8 years while it had a duty to do so every 28-days.  

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