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Active and safe driver - stop fatigue and drugs!

Fatigue, rush, alcohol, drugs and the final is…. very often road death. The importance of the psychophysical condition of drivers, and not only professional drivers, was discussed today at a joint briefing by the Minister of Sport, the Chief Road Transport Inspector and the Chief Sanitary Inspector. Motorsports competitors – motorcyclist, Marek Szkopek and speedway rider, Igor Kopeć-Sobczyński, joined the appeal for rational thinking and anticipating the consequences of our decisions.

Holidays (not) always safe!

The driver of a vehicle set going from Germany to Ukraine, stopped near Zgorzelec, had over 1 per mille of exhaled alcohol. The driver of an overloaded delivery vehicle had almost half a per mille of alcohol. The driver of a 40-ton set, who still wanted to drive more than 170 km, was probably under the influence of amphetamines, which was initially confirmed by the test results.

Such traffic situations are unacceptable. The driver must not be a threat to others. Unfortunately, there is still no awareness of the consequences of driving a multi-ton truck, or any other vehicle, under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances,” emphasized Alvin Gajadhur, Chief Road Transport Inspector.

That is why the Inspection carries out regular inspections throughout the country, mainly on transit routes and main communication routes with the highest traffic. The technical condition of vehicles is checked, as well as the sobriety and working time of drivers.

A safe driver cares about his health. And is not using a magnet

Since the beginning of the summer holidays, inspectors have carried out over 11,000 road checks. Over 40 percent the violations identified concerned precisely the failure by drivers to comply with the regulations on driving time and mandatory breaks and rests.

During inspections, also cases of using illegal devices by drivers that allow forging working time are revealed. It is over 37 percent of violations found since the beginning of the holiday. A professional driver should know perfectly well how driving can end when he is tired and working above normal. Fatigue reduces psychophysical condition, weakens visual-auditory coordination, slows down reactions, prevents proper assessment of the road situation,” reminded Alvin Gajadhur, head of ITD.

And it is precisely about respecting working time standards that motorsport players appealed today about during the briefing. Marek Szkopek is not only a titled motorcycle driver, but also often sits behind the wheel of trucks, driving a team truck at competitions.

Of course, all drivers should drive properly and sensibly, but at this point I would like to ask professional drivers: drive your vehicles wisely, obey the rules. More and more often we hear that professional drivers drive tired. Meanwhile, driving requires a great deal of concentration. Especially now, when it is hot or the weather suddenly changes, and the driver is sleepy and tired. It's easy to lose vigilance,” warned Marek Szkopek, captain of the Polish national team in motorcycle racing.

Safety and sport have a lot in common. Activity and good psychophysical condition are a guarantee of road safety, emphasized the Minister of Sport during the briefing.

A driver who spends many hours behind the wheel should take care of active rest also on the road. Breaks can be used for simple exercises or even a short walk. We encourage to spend time actively, to get rested before sitting behind the wheel and to be safe for other road users,” said Danuta Dmowska-Andrzejuk, Minister of Sport.

Lifestyle is also a driving style. Several criteria must be met to reach your destination. When getting into a car, you need to be rested, you need to be well hydrated, you must not use any psychoactive substances, you need to know when to stop, you need to get out of the car, breathe fresh air. It is also important that drivers pay attention to their diet,” added Jarosław Pinkas, Chief Sanitary Inspector (GIS).

The joint briefing of the Ministry of Sport, GITD and GIS is a continuation of many years of cooperation promoting road safety.

I am glad that information activities aimed at warning against extreme and unacceptable behaviour are increasingly being supported by representatives of various environments, today the world of motorsport. I am also glad that the cooperation with the Ministry of Sport and Health is being continued. For several months, GITD and GIS have been promoting health safety among professional drivers as an important element of road safety as part of the “Put a gear into health” campaign - emphasized ITD Head, Alvin Gajadhur.

Let's all get to the finish line!

The competitors also pointed out the danger of excessive speed still being present.

We achieve very high speeds on a speedway or motorcycle track. But even on the track, we take care of our safety and keep our foot on the brake. On the road, always take your foot off the gas. Nobody should race on it, and we all have to finish. And it doesn’t matter who will be first,” noted Marek Szkopek, the captain of the Polish national team in motorcycle racing.

I appeal for a quiet ride. I know very well how the equipment that has an engine can be aggressive, but by practicing speedway I have learned humility, which I also put on the road when I go somewhere, e.g. after a competition. And this is what I appeal to young drivers,” Igor Kopeć-Sobczyński, a competitor of the Polish youth speedway team, appealed to young drivers.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of the summer holidays, the speed camera system of the Automated Traffic Supervision Centre has registered over 100,000 speeding cases. It’s about 10 percent more than in the first weeks of last year’s holidays. The record holder was 173 km/h with a speed limit of 60 km/h in built-up areas.

Safe coach”. The action continues

Working time, speed and the condition of the driver are important in public transport. ITD inspectors carry out nationwide inspections of coaches as part of the “Safe Coach” campaign. Over 400 coaches have been inspected so far. Due to the poor technical condition, 12 vehicle registration certificates were retained, and driving bans were issued in 4 cases. This is how the control ended, among others coach in Wrocław, which was supposed to take a group of children to the seaside. A serious defect in the brake system was found in the vehicle.

Let’s remember about the possibility of reporting the coach for inspection. Each of us can do it. It is enough to send the application in advance to the locally competent provincial road transport inspectorate,” reminded the Head of ITD.

The technical condition of public transport buses as well as the rights and sobriety of the drivers who drive them are also inspected throughout the country.


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