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Permit to perform international regular services in the European Union


Required applications

Application for a permit to perform international regular services in the European Union


Apply electronically via the Contact Point:

Permit to provide international regular services within the territory of the European Union Member States, the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) and the Swiss Confederation


Required documents:

    • timetable including arrival and departure times and addresses of individual stops, names of bilateral border crossings, kilometres of the route, kilometres between stops, sample timetable:
    • tariffs or pricing (in zlotys, currencies of countries the line runs through, or in British pounds for lines to Great Britain),
    • a copy of an excerpt from the Community licence for paid international transport of passengers on public roads of the carrier applying for a permit for regular transport and possible subcontractors/partners,
    • information on the type of transport and number of passengers that the applicant is planning to transport in the case of a new line or carried in the event of renewal of the permit held,
    • map on the appropriate scale with marked route and stops at which passengers will get on or off the vehicle (the number of copies depends on the number of countries through which the given transport will be performed),
    • schedule of drivers' work and rest time, including road numbers to be transported, average speed values between stops (link)
    • a copy of a previously issued permit, in the case of applications for modification or renewal of the permit,
    • certificate (when the planned route is covered with a speed exceeding 80 km/h) about conducted bus technical inspection (regarding vehicles submitted for the licence), confirming the fulfilment of additional conditions by vehicles whose speed on the motorway and expressway is 100 km/h.
    • confirmation of agreement on the use of stops and station facilities, made with their owners or managers in Poland (copies of contracts, statements, etc.),


    1. The application should contain the current data and contact telephone numbers of the entrepreneur, e-mail addresses and correspondence addresses (in case they differ from the business address of the entrepreneur).

    2. The list, along with copies of current licences of partners and subcontractors, should be submitted in several copies (depending on the number of countries through which the given transport will be carried out).



    Fees for issuing an permit to perform international regular services:

    • up to 6 months - PLN 400 (permit) + PLN 4 for each excerpt from the permit

    • up to 1 year - PLN 800 (permit) + PLN 8 for each excerpt from the permit

    • up to 2 years - PLN 1,500 (permit) + PLN 15 for each excerpt from the permit

    • up to 3 years - PLN 2,200 (permit) + PLN 22 for each excerpt from the permit

    • up to 4 years - PLN 3,000 (permit) + PLN 30 for each excerpt from the permit

    • up to 5 years - PLN 3,700 (permit) + PLN 37 for each excerpt from the permit

    The application should be sent to the following address:
    GITD - Biuro ds. Transportu Międzynarodowego
    Al. Jerozolimskie 94, 00-807 Warszawa

    The payment should be made to the NBP account
    No.83 1010 1010 0079 7913 9120 0000

    Główny Inspektorat Transportu Drogowego
    Jerozolimskie 94
    00-807 Warszawa 

    In the title of the transfer, it is necessary to give the NIP number and indicate what the fee applies to, for example, EU line for route relation ….

    Stamp duty:

    Applications - exempt from stamp duty - art. 3 of the Stamp Duty Act;

    EXCERPT (link)


    Deadline for solving the case

    Art. 8 of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EC) No. 1073/2009 - 4 months from the date of submitting a complete application

    VPlace of solving the case:


    Appeal mode:

    14 days - counting from the date of delivery of the decision to the party (art. 127§3)


    Appeal fee:


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