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The Road Transport Inspection participates in many initiatives related to education in the field of road safety. Such activities have a different form, dimension and range. The goal is one - Road Transport Inspection wants to improve public awareness of road safety.

Inspectors of the Road Transport Inspection regularly take part in lessons about safety organized in preschools, schools, hospitals and other facilities. Together with the company mascot - Crocodile Lorry, they teach the youngest basic safety principles. It's learning through play. The participants meet animated cartoon heroes who show how to behave at a zebra crossing or on the road. The youngest have the opportunity to see what the inspection vehicle of the Inspection looks like.

There are always gifts waiting for children: reflective elements, educational books or plush crocodile clips.

The Road Transport Inspection lessons are free. Interested institutions are encouraged to contact:

Road Transport Inspection also conducts educational activities during various picnics, motoring events. At the Road Transport Inspection's stand you can meet experienced inspectors who give advice to interested drivers or carriers. The participants of the events are also eager to use vision distorting goggles (Alcohol, Drug and Sleep Deprivation Goggles) thanks to which you can see how negative the body is influenced by the consumption of various types of stimulants. General Inspectorate of Road Transport also organises or participates as a partner in many campaigns that promote safe road behaviour on a large scale.

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