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Lorry’s School of Safety

“Lorry's School of Safety” is an initiative of the General Inspectorate of Road Transport directed to the youngest road users, i.e. to pre-schoolers and primary school students aged 7-9. As part of the campaign, children's educational meetings with Road Transport Inspectors are held.

The most important goal of “Lorry's School of Safety” is to promote safe road behaviour among children from an early age and to sensitise young minds to dangers that may occur in road traffic. It is extremely important for us, as representatives of the institution responsible for compliance with traffic law, to provide children with knowledge about road regulations in an attractive form. These are not just ordinary talks. Children during classes with the Inspectors of Road Transport Inspection have the opportunity to take part in games and activities. As an additional attraction they can see the inspection car from the inside.

Special educational materials and reflective articles that are distributed to participants of the meetings have been prepared for this initiative. Some materials are available for download on our website in the “Education - downloadable materials”.

If you are interested in holding a meeting at your school/preschool, please contact:

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