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Workshops for the best - MASTER CLASS (DIGITAL) TACHOGRAPH FRAUD with Kielce inspector

On October 7-12, 2018, in Osnabrück, Germany, an international workshop on manipulations and fraud in the ECR / Tispol Master Class (digital) recording equipment Tachograph Fraud took place. It was a unique edition of the workshop, because it was combined with the ceremonial celebrations of the tenth anniversary of their creation.

In 2008, Euro Contrôle Route (ECR) and TISPOL as part of a joint initiative set up a platform for exchange of information and practices, dedicated to the best inspectors, experts in their field - Master Class Tacho Fraud. In order to meet the rapid technical progress related to devices used to manipulate drivers' working time, a place has been created where inspectors can discuss and work out solutions to the problems they encounter in their daily work. This is important because it not only leads to a uniform control practices, but also measurably affects the improvement of traffic safety and road transport.

In this year's edition, the Road Transport Inspectorate was represented by Mr. Patryk Czuba from Provincial Inspectorate of Road Transport, Kielce, who, apart from conducting a lecture on ways to detect manipulations in recording devices, also took part in the anniversary celebrations.

Workshops in which specialists from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Belgium, Romania and Spain took part, apart from the representative from Poland, were divided into a theoretical and practical part, where the ways and scope of roadside inspections in individual countries were discussed.

During the anniversary celebrations that took place on October 11, 2018, the previous achievements of the Master Class Tacho Fraud workshops were summarized, as well as the importance of further educational and training activities at the international level were stressed out. A representative of the Road Transport Inspection also read a letter from Deputy Chief Road Transport Inspector Łukasz Bryła, addressed to the organizers, in which he thanked for the effort put into organising the event, and assured that the General Inspectorate of Road Transport supports and will continue to engage in this type of undertaking.

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