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Meeting of the ECR-Harmonie working group in Brussels with the participation of the ITD inspector

The next meeting of the ECR working group - Harmonie, which operates within the organization Euro Contrôle Route and deals with the harmonization of rules for the control of violations of standards of driving time and rest time of drivers took place in Brussels on 26-27 June 2018. The meeting was attended by the inspector from the Provincial Inspectorate of Road Transport in Katowice.

The purpose of the meeting was to develop common rules and procedures for the control of daily, weekly and two-week driving time norms, non-stop driving time, and daily and weekly rest periods.

These elements are subject to many road inspections carried out by ITD inspectors. The control services of other countries also check these standards. The common denominator is the fact that the regulations specifying permitted driving times and minimum rest periods for drivers are included in the Community regulation (Regulation No. 561/2006) and are applied directly by inspectors in each of the EU Member States. In spite of this, sometimes there is a situation in which the controllers from individual countries interpret these legal bases differently. The meeting and the aim of the work within the ECR-Harmonie group were aimed precisely at developing a common approach of the Member States' control services so as to ensure that the result of the driver's working time control will be the same - regardless of which country the driver is inspected.

The next meeting of this group, in addition to the ITD representative, was also attended by representatives of the services from the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain and France. The two-day meeting was concluded on a common consensus as to the best - according to the deliberations - approaches to verifying the standards of driving and rest times. These recommendations will be formulated in the report, which will be the basis for developing best practices in this area.

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