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International roadside inspections of ADR Cross Border Enforcement with the Road Transport Inspection

On 24-27 September 2018, road transport inspectors from Poland participated in an international road inspection in the field of dangerous goods transport - ADR Cross Border Enforcement (ACE) organized by Euro Contrôle Route (ECR) and Bundesamt für Güterverkehr (BAG) as part of a subgroup ECR HARMONIE ADR, in the city of Dresden in Germany.

The idea behind the ACE action is to conduct roadside ADR dangerous goods transport checks in a way that the inspection services of a given country carry out daily inspection work. It is thanks to this exchange of experience that it is possible to develop a common control model across Europe.

Inspectors from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and the Czech Republic as well as inspectors of the Road Transport Inspectorate from Provincial Inspectorate of Road Transport in Rzeszów and from the Provincial Inspectorate of Road Transport in Lublin participated in joint inspections.

The meeting was opened by members of the ECR Harmon ADR working subgroup, Thomas Fischer (BAG), Hennie van der Stokker (ILT) and André Schenkel (ILT), during which the need to conduct coordinated control weeks for the transport of dangerous goods was emphasized. The benefits of exchanging statistics and analyzes from this area are highlighted.

Over the next two days, inspectors in groups of three conducted roadside inspections of dangerous goods, during which 58 vehicles transporting dangerous goods were inspected. In the case of 28 transports, violations in the scope of non-compliance with the provisions of the ADR agreement were found, which accounted for 48% of the vehicles inspected. However, in the case of 12 vehicles, the violations were so serious (incorrect fixing of the load, incorrect or incomplete filling of the transport documents, missing instructions in writing for drivers, incorrect or incomplete marking of packages, missing driver's equipment) that they were immobilized until the irregularity was removed.

Inspectors' requests from the ACE audits were consistent - joint actions and the exchanges of best practices are necessary for the harmonization of enforcement of legal provisions. Considering that the transport of dangerous goods is a specialized type of transport, joint operations of inspection services will certainly bring tangible results for correct safety in road transport.

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